Telework 2010 - Argentina: Call for papers for European, Brasil, Caribbean people, english speaking countries and other countries

Send your abstract before February 28 and save USD 200 to attend the event in Buenos Aires!

[1ro. febrero de 2010] The title of Telework 2010, the 15th ITA Workshop is: “Telework for sustainable development”. It is an international academic event that for 15 years now has been attended by top international leaders in the area.

The Argentine partners are honored to host, for the first time, this important international academic event. Organized by USUARIA through its ICT Committee (the Comisión TIC), the event is sponsored by the IDRC – The International Development Research Center from Canada, and by the local Scientific and Technological and Scientific Promotion Agency and the Professional Economic Science Council of the City of Buenos Aires.

The event has been declared of Educational Interest by the Argentine Ministry of Education, and also of Academia Interest by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires. Also having the auspices of several regional academic institutions, the event also has
the support of specific telework organizations. We will therefore feel much honored to have your auspices or sponsorship in this important event.

Send your Abstract
Abstracts are a summary of the work the researcher is investigating on, and once accepted by the Academic Committee, the researcher will be able to send the final Paper.

Abstracts should be text, no longer than 1,500 words, in English and Spanish (or Portuguese) and contain:

Each abstract will be subject to a double, blind review by two members of the Program Committee.

The deadline for the presentation of abstracts is February 28, 2010. Authors will be notified of their acceptance/rejection in April, 2010.

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If you live in a country in Central America or the Caribbean and you submit a paper, you will be automatically eligible to receive one of the two scholarships offered by the IDRC.
Your paper will be reviewed by two members from the Academic Committee and you should be awarded with the scholarship, you will be notified by email as from June 2010.
The scholarship will cover trip expenses to come to Buenos Aires, other travel expenses, and accommodation to attend the Telework 2010 event that will take place in Buenos Aires.
If you need any help, you can visit the forum on Facebook, or otherwise write to us at

Good luck!


Translater: Cristina Otálora

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